Can I charge my tablet with the WakaWaka Power+?

Most tablets can be partially charged with the WakaWaka Power+. However, there are some limitations because tablets need a little bit more ‘energy’. For example, with our current WakaWaka Power+ the iPad 3 will only charge 20-30 %. This is because the capacity of the iPad 3 battery is larger than the WakaWaka Power+ battery capacity. In other words, you cannot fully charge the iPad. But you can charge it partly via the sun, which is great.

If you would like to know whether your device can be fully charged with the WakaWaka Power+, just take a look at the battery capacity (mAh) of your device. The WakaWaka Power+ is 2200 mAh, your device’s battery need to be around the same amount or less to be charged for a 100%.

Keep in mind that our WakaWaka Power+ is for its size the best solar powered device available in the world!

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